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Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black
Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black
Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black
Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black
Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black
Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black
Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze Black

Asawa Tie Belt in Linen Gauze | Black

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UPDATE: This style will be retiring soon. After careful consideration and discussion with Emi (who this garment was named in collaboration with several years ago), it no longer feels appropriate to produce this style. After a year of spiked anti-Asian violence across the nation, as a white maker this is not a garment I would design and release today. It feels appropriate and healthy to phase it out at this time as both my internal awareness and understanding along with external circumstances have changed. There are a number of Asawa Tie belts that are already cut; those belts will be sewn and listed for sale, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. No new Asawa Tie Belts will be cut to be sold. All proceeds from the final sales of this style will be redistributed to AAPI Women Lead.

Named in collaboration with Emi Ito after Japanese-American sculptor Ruth Asawa, this tie belt draws on elements of the traditional obi, but also brings in references to traditional menswear and art deco wraps and sashes. Asawa's work suggests the infinite curvature of the human form, transformation of shape, and manipulation of volume—all of which resonate deeply with our intention of adding belts to to our catalog.

Use this piece to metamorphose our most oversized, fluid garments into new and transformative shapes. Subtle curves or dramatic cinching add endless options to your wardrobe. Widest at the center, this belt tapers gently towards the ends. Wrap it around your waist twice, knotting or tying it into a bow in the front or off to the side for a more asymmetrical look. Or go a different direction, and wear it like a cummerbund knotted in the back with romantic, trailing ends. It's a statement piece that feels immediately secure and substantial on the body. And after an indulgent meal, all you have to do is loosen the knot a bit—no need to feel restricted.

My favorite way to wear this is in monochromatic outfits with a matching jacket or dress, but contrast is also eye-catching. Use it to close open-front jackets or to completely transform the look of our boxier styles like the Georgia or Harper.

Material & Care: Linen Gauze

100% Linen in a lightweight gauze that has a wonderful texture. The crinkled finish gives the fabric an inherent stretch. It's airy and floaty without being too sheer, hugging the body in slimmer styles and draping beautifully in others. It's lighter than our Midweight Linen but still strong and durable. It will only soften and improve with age, starting out with a coarser finish but with the ability to become more supple and flexible with wear. Linen possesses natural strength and durability, and it's a super friendly fiber on the environment. It requires very little processing, and is hypoallergenic, comfortable in all seasons, insulating, and absorbent.

This yarn-dyed gauze possesses rustic charm and variation, giving it an organic personality.

Linen is a natural fiber made from cellulose fiber inside the stalks of the flax plant. It is a complete product of nature, and can vary drastically in color and texture based on the growing conditions of the season. Variations in base color and texture are not uncommon.

Natural imperfections in weave are also to be expected and embraced--slubs, nubs, and occasional bits of organic matter are common in linen. If you are looking for the homogeny and perfection of a synthetic fiber or a finely woven cotton you will not find it in linen.

Wash on gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry hot. Store folded or flat in order to avoid stretching. The crinkled finish is intentional, so do not press. To remove fold creases or wrinkles, lightly steam or toss in the dryer with a damp towel.

Linen is a natural fiber and is expected to wear and fade over time, which we love.

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