The Return of the Clyde Work Pant!

At long last, our Clyde Work Pant is back—now in our new Upcycled Cotton Canvas!


In the meantime, learn a bit more about this new material:

80% Upcycled Cotton, 20% LEED Certified Cotton
Created in partnership with The New Denim Project, a third-generation mill in Guatemala that focuses on circular manufacturing.
This material is created from cotton waste from regional factories and spinning mills. Such discarded fiber would otherwise be considered waste, but in combination with a small amount of LEED certified virgin cotton, it can be successfully spun and woven into new fabric. 9,000 liters of water are saved per pound of upcycled material produced in comparison to using virgin cotton. Dyed with low-impact dyes and minimal water usage.
This mid-to-heavy weight canvas is sturdy and hardworking. In comparison to our earlier cotton canvas, this is a bit lighter and much less stiff.
Due to the fact that this material is made with upcycled yarn, there are more imperfections in the weave. These are not defects—they are a natural result of using shorter staple fibers, and a necessary result of the important waste-reducing properties of this fabrics. Small slubs, nubs, and misweaves do not impact the integrity of the garment, they just give it a bit of character and serve as a reminder of what this material stands for. 

Clyde Work Pant Clay Close Up

Some Important Details...

All colors and sizes will be in-stock and ready to ship. Quantities are limited to the inventory we have on hand, but we will be re-cutting and restocking these styles in the future!

This iteration of the Clyde Work Pant has some fit improvements that I am really happy with.

  • I've shortened the front and back rise slightly, which reduces bulk in the waist and hip area but still gives a nice high-rise perfect for tucking tops into.
  • I sourced a softer but still sturdy elastic that should be more comfortable around the waist.
  • The calf is now a bit more relaxed, so that the leg feels comfortable both sit-in and standing (it was restricting when seated for many folks), but still looks sharp and not too baggy.

As we begin to reopen and launch products as Elizabeth Suzann Studio, you’ll notice some changes to our sizing structure. We will not reduce our size range, and in fact are hoping to keep expanding it. However, we are not able to maintain the same number of SKUs that Elizabeth Suzann used to offer. To reduce our SKU count while still serving our full size range, we are condensing our sizes to be a bit more flexible. This works well as the majority of our pieces are intended to be relaxed and versatile in fit by design.

You will see that the Clyde Work Pant is now sized as XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. This means we offer 9 distinct sizes for this style instead of 17, but we are still covering the same range of sizes. If you order this style for the first time, simply use the garment measurements and body measurement chart to guide your selection! If you own a previous version of this style and want a similar fit, check the list below to see what size we recommend ordering now.

000: XXS
00 and 0: XS
2 and 4: S
6 and 8: M
10 and 12: L
14 and 16: XL
18 and 20: 2XL
22 and 24: 3XL
26 and 28: 4XL

Liz Clyde Pant Selfie

When in doubt, check the garment measurements for more information. You will also see that we no longer have "Short" and "Tall" length options--again, this is due to our inability to stock the large amount of SKUs that such size variations create. The overwhelming majority of historical purchases for bottoms are in our "Regular" length, so our hope is that these pants will continue to work for most of our customers! This style is also flexible, and looks great longer or slightly more cropped, and can be cuffed and rolled for even more length variation. If you really miss our length options, we sell the digital pattern for this style in all of our old sizes and lengths, so you can purchase the pattern and try your hand at making a pair just for your--or even consider hiring a local tailor or seamstress to make a pair for you.

These garments were produced in partnership with SewCo, a small cut and sew facility located in western North Carolina that aligns strongly with our values of responsible labor and excellent craftsmanship. I connected with SewCo last year, and for the past six months have been working on establishing a solid relationship with their team. They have been a joy to work with, and have taken the task of learning, improving, and producing my designs with precision, care, and respect. This production partnership will allow us to make more garments accessible to customers than I can do independently, and supports the manufacturing industry in my region which is a win-win.

I am thrilled and proud to share that we were able to reduce our retail prices for the Clyde Work Pant. Our overhead has decreased, and along with that shift we’ve reviewed our costs for new styles moving forward. Reducing costs and improving accessibility to our garments (without compromising our labor, material, and quality standards) is really important to me, so this is one of the things I’m most excited about.

Last, you’ll notice that the imagery for these new products consists of flat photos. Due to the ongoing complexity of navigating COVID, along with the budget implications of a multi-model shoot, I decided to hold off on producing a full-scale product shoot. We will absolutely be returning to human-centric photography in the future, but will do so when it feels feasible and wise and will continue to get creative in the meantime! I’ll be shooting some images on myself and perhaps sending garments to some folks to photograph on their own from afar. Stay tuned as I navigate this new territory!

That’s it for now—you can browse pricing and sizing information below, and don't forget to come back to shop this Thursday (12/2) at 9AM CST.

Thank you as always for your support, and for being on this journey with me.


The Clyde Work Pant

$185 (PREVIOUSLY $245)

Clyde Work Pant All Colors Elizabeth Suzann Studio